My Story 9: Living the Dream

My mother’s dream was to provide a home for her children. Her home ended up to be in Israel. Israel was my home was for twenty-two years, and will be again soon, G-D willing.

Born and raised in Israel until age 11, my daughter, Inbal (a bell of a girl!) insisted that she didn’t need to attend synagogue services in America because she already knew she was Jewish. She returned to Israel for 5 weeks as a grown up independent woman in 2005 after she graduated High School. When she came home that year she informed me that she had decided to go back to Israel and that she would be volunteering for the Israeli army. I was encouraged by her decision and also a little curious. I asked her what prompted her to make that decision. Inbal looked at me and said plainly and simply, “Mom, America is okay but in Israel I’m me”.

Inbal returned “home” to Israel in July 2007 at age 19. She lives and works in Israel as a career soldier.

My son, Eran Hillel (lively praises), is embarking on a career as an animator. Arriving in the USA at age 7, he did not object to the additional Jewish classes; in fact he actually enjoyed them! I hope he will find employment in Israel and come "home" with me!

I currently live (temporarily) in America, teach Hebrew and Jewish studies in a bunch of synagogues, and answer to my Hebrew name, “Rahel”. My dream is that Inbal, Eran and I will all reunite again in Israel and live as free Jews!