I am a Therapeutic Musician - Sound Healing

"The essential art of the musician is to build melodies from pleasing vibrations that will dispel any vibrations of negativity." * Rav Avraham Greenbaum: The Wings of the Sun.

Laurie Riley, author of Body, Mind and Music, writes: "Music is the birthright of humanity. It is something we are all born able to do. We cannot help it; we are music...Our cells, our molecules, our atoms, our quantum particles all vibrate with the aliveness of rhythm; without we are, literally, dead."

Our bodies are affected by sound. More and more today, live music is being used as a complementary healing modality. Music transforms the experience of illness or death, it connects one person with another even when s/he may not be able to interact. It calms, relaxes,and creates a comforting environment. Live music can: reduce blood pressure, accelerate physical healing, stimulate memories, relieve anxiety, induce mental imaging, provide a way to release emotions, reduce stress, provide a way to express feelings, augment pain management, provide a segue for grieving, relieve mental tension, provide companionship, ease the delivery process of a birthing mother, provide time for contemplation, refresh, renew, and nurture mind, body and spirit.

It is believed that just a half hour of music can produce the same effect as ten milligrams of valium.

Music is safe, inexpensive and effective.

* The use of music for healing was once a highly developed sacred science. Music was originally utilized as a communal activity with magical and therapeutic intentions. The use of specific tones, frequencies, intervals and chants was extremely refined and specific. Sonic vibration was known to be the fundamental creative force of the universe.... Vibrational medicine music is bringing forth necessary changes in ourselves on both physical and mental levels to be able to live harmoniously in our times and in times to come. This is a journey of evolving conscoiusness which successfully unifies us with the essence of perfection who we ultimately are.
* Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science

Stella Benson, author of The Healing Musician, reminds us that, "Music alone does not cure. Healing, within the context of therapautic music, is best understood as a process or a means to an end, not a product or an end in itself....Healing music is a holistic mechanism causing a chain reaction, which can affect the physical body, the emotions and the spirit."

Applying healing music is a healing art.

Please feel free to contact Rahel to play individually-tailored music, and to facilitate comfort, relaxation, and a healing environment for: patients at bedside, chronically and critically ill, dying, elderly, infants & children, birthing mothers, caregivers, in alternative health clinics and healing environments, and for corporations who provide rest & relaxation time for their employees!