The Healing Light Project - Next Year in Jerusalem

NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM! F Ndex Moyo, Amavevane Performing Arts and I achieved our first mission of coming together for the first event of THE HEALING LIGHT PROJECT - AFRICA/USA. We achieved all our goals of building musical bridges. We crossed to the other side and met people-to-people, shared meals, created new music, and learned all about each other's lives, families, heritage and countries. We entered the safe and the unsafe boundaries and found they were filled with love and compassion.

We have a new dream with even greater goals. We are coming together again, this time our destination is ISRAEL!

We are reaching out to people in Israel, USA and South Africa to find musicians, sponsors, donors ... anyone who can follow our example of helping to make dreams come true. Is it you?

TIKKUN - we are fixing ourselves to help create a more peaceful world.

Please visit our site. Thank you! Learn more at: