Touring in my Camper

G-D always answers our prayers; however the answer doesn't always come exactly as we imagined it. It seems like I have wanted to have my own camper and take to the roads on tour, musical and just to do it, forever. This was to be the year I would finally actualize that dream. Sadly, the failing economy came around to again postpone that particular dream. Or so I thought. It seems that G-D is indeed listening.

I have a new job; since April I have been working as a driver at an Assisted Living facility. The job description: I am driving an actual mini-bus or van or actually, a 9-seater mini-camper (a Ford E-350 Starcraft). Well, in truth, I am driving an elderly population, taking them on errands and on weekly "scenic rides" around NH. YES! I am actually "on-the-road" traveling down dirt roads, poorly paved back road, and in and out of towns and cities all around NH.

I suppose this is as good as it will get in today's economy and I really must thank G-D for again answering my prayers. Perhaps I will try to be a bit more specific in the future when I make my requests! LOL

We are having a blast! Baruch HaShem!