Frye's Measure Mill

Today's adventure was over to Fryes' Measure Mill. The best I can do to describe this historic place is to enter the quote from their webpage and share the photos with you below. There is a wonderful video on the intro page as well. Do take the time to visit there next time you're in Wilton, NH. "Pause a moment, and imagine the smell of freshly planed wood. Listen to the rhythmic slapping of leather belts as they transfer power from overhead line shafting to antique water-powered woodworking machinery. Reflect back upon a time when craftsmanship was the existing norm and commercialism had yet to be exploited. Imagine a product dating back in design and style over two centuries, which has grown in value and beauty so that today it is sought after by collectors and enjoyed by country decorators while being handcrafted in an environment of historical significance. Welcome to Frye's Measure Mill."