The Magic of Country When the Country is ISRAEL!

There's a lot of magic in the country when that country is ISRAEL! For over twenty years I was an active member of the "Anglo" folk music scene there. I played with a number of folk musicians and in duos, trios and groups. We were dubbed "Anglo's" because we all came from English speaking countries and brought the music of those countries with us. We loved to sing and play music together and could be found all over Israel sharing our culture with the greater population. Today what began as a monthly folk music gathering now has gained a place in the world of International Folk Music Festivals - the "Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival" - where I performed most of my twenty-two years between 1976-1998. Today our children, many of them Israeli-born, are carrying on our cultural traditions and have formed some amazing bands of "Anglo" folk music too. I was delighted to reunite with a few of my folkie friends to perform a lovely casual evening of bluegrass, country, folk and folk rock music on January 30th (2014). The concert took place in my favorite town, Zichron Yaakov at a local restaurant/bar, "The Old Station". By the way, if you are going to be in Zichron Yaakov be sure to choose the best bed & breakfast ever, "Seagull". My good friend, Eliemelech ben Meir, formerly of the band, "Galilee Grass" gathered up a few additional musicians who live in Northern Israel and we had an instant band. I was also joined by my friend, Shelley Ellen of the group, "SheRock", Joshua and Gayla Goodman from the "Hazel Hill String Band", and Bruce Burger aka "Rebbesoul". It was also great to spend time with folk music lovers, Barbara and Richard Levine at their home in Har Halutz. Life couldn't get any better!