Tofa'ah; Fundraising for Children with Special Needs

I had the privilege and pleasure of reuniting with my good friend, Yona Yacobovitz and the ladies from Israel's longest standing #1 all-woman Jewish band, Tofa'ah. We came together in friendship and to produce a concert to raise funds for Yona's special needs children, Yissy and Eli, as well as for special needs children around Israel. The well-attended concert took place in Jerusalem on February 4th (2014). We, and the audience had a tremendously fun time. Please enjoy the photos below. If you would like to help special needs children in Israel by making a donation, please contact me via this blog. Please also watch this very special video clip of Tzfat (Safed) artist Chaya ben Baruch's biological son, Avichai and adopted daughter, Keren, both Down’s syndrome children who fell in love, married and now live as a young couple in their own apartment. Chaya is forming a non-profit organization that will help children like Avichai and Keren live independent lives. Your support is certainly encouraged.