A Heartwarming Story

Another Farmer's Market. Note the flags! A heartwarming story. While singing my song/psalm "Al Naharot Bavel/Babylon/Psalm 137" I was approached by an elderly man. He stood very close to me while I sang and listened intently. He was wearing a T-shirt with a photo that was clearly him in earlier days... An American soldier. We talked a bit. He thanked me for singing in Hebrew because it reminded him of his Jewish wife who died 30 years ago....but with whom he had 25 very good years. I sang him another Psalm... "Bterem Harim/Before Mountains/Psalm 90". Then he told me a funny joke ....the punchline was "Ma nishtana..." - why is this (K)night.... Which he said in perfect Hebrew. We laughed together. I gave him my CD "Time Passes By" which includes the two Hebrew Psalms that I sang to him, and he put a few dollars in my tip basket. I'm still thinking about Richard, this wonderful elderly and partly blind ex-Marine (WW2) who warmed my heart at the market... The only one who really paid attention that day. My music is available at: http://www.rahelmusic.com.