Reaching People with Music

I'm trying to improve my music making. I've devoted this summer to playing mostly my original music sprinkling it with covers (rather then the recommended other way around!). Last week I was wondering if my songs (and performance of them) would reach people deeply - possibly even bring about a few tears. Yesterday it happened. I was busking outside my favorite venue, the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough. A few people actually hung around and listened (for a change), Then a few sat down at the outside tables and stayed for a long time listening and even applauding. I was dumbfounded. After performing for nearly 20 years in NH a small crowd had FINALLY gathered to actually LISTEN to me singing. I asked if they had any requests. They all said to keep playing my songs because they were beautiful. So I did. There were a few very personal songs I then played - even *I* nearly choked up when playing one of them (because of the memories it brought up as I sang it). Then I played another. I looked over to the listeners (because I was only partly facing them and also towards the street) and they, too, were tearing up. I have to admit it made me actually happy though it is a bit uncomfortable to see people become emotional. Then one woman suggested I play something more upbeat. I agreed - no sense in continuing tearjerkers! Since she had two dogs with her I decided to play a known cover songs called, "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" hoping for a laugh. We all laughed. BUT when I made a very realistic "bark" one of the dogs jumped up, looked around for that dog that just barked and started barking up a storm! We all laughed. So I had to also calm down my realistic animal imitations. LOL Finally a few songs later one woman (an older woman who had been really enjoying my set) had to leave. She came to me with tears in her eyes, gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me profusely for the music. I, too, was deeply touched and thanked her for listening and for enjoying it so much. I will keep working on my own material now - finding ways to improve my presentation and singing them properly. I want to thank the people there in Peterborough yesterday for their support and encouragement. My music is available at: