"Tikkun HaKlali - The Complete Remedy" - Psalms for Healing

"Tikkun HaKlali - The Complete Remedy" - Psalms for Healing

Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum teaches: The essential art of the musician is to build melodies from pleasing positive vibrations that will dispel any vibrations of negativity. The Psalms/Tehillim (songs and meditations), express an emotional outpouring of the heart from the depths of the soul. Kabbalistic sages have taught that the original Hebrew text of the Psalms contains profound hidden wisdom and includes a complete musical system referred to as the “Ten Types of Songs” (or ten types of pulses). Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810) taught that there are ten Psalms that contain all the “Ten Types of Songs”. He called these ten the “Tikkun HaKlali” (The Complete Remedy).

The Ten Psalms are: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 and 150.

When one abuses his/her G-d given powers s/he becomes spiritually flawed which, in turn can cause physical illness. At times, one may find that traditional methods and remedies may not help. "This," explains Rav Avraham Greenbaum, "is because they do not go to the essence of the problem. The Hebrew word, tikkun, means 'remedy'. Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun attacks the flaw at its very roots, drawing on the most powerful creative force in the universe: song."

The Sages taught that the Psalms have the power to bring out the hidden good that exists in the varied moments of our lives, providing inspiration and spiritual healing, and promoting health. Psalms to say at times of illness or crisis are: 6, 13, 20, 23, 30, 38, 39, 41, 88, 91, 92, 121.

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said, "Through ten expressions of praise, the book of Psalms was composed. They are: Nitzuach, Nigun, Maskil, Mizmor, Shir, Ashrei, Tehilah, Tefillah, Hoda'ah and Hallel." (Pesachim 117a, Zohar III, 101a) These ten types of song correspond to the ten sefirot as alluded to in the Zohar. Therefore, they have the power to nullilfy the strength of the klipah and blemish of a negative experience. Every negative experience has its own remedy but the Tikkun HaKlali is the Complete Remedy. It should be said as a whole, uninterrupted and in sequence, by those seeking a remedy for any problem they might be experiencing.

When the great Temple stood in Jerusalem, the Levites would sing/recite certain Psalms to the accompaniment of musical instruments in the Temple service. According to the Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 31a) the daily Psalms were intended to recall the incidents of the six days of creation: Sunday - Psalm 24; Monday - Psalm 48; Tuesday - Psalm 82; Wednesday - Psalm 94; 95:1-3; Thursday - Psalm 81; Friday - Psalm 93; Shabbat - Psalm 92

Torah-Based Healing - An Ancient Practice
An ancient source provides us with the answers we seek today about health and wellness. The study of Torah is said to profoundly effect our well-being; refu'at ha'nefesh (the healing of the soul) and refu'at ha'guf (healing of the body).

The Torah, and commentaries of the sages, include numerous mentions of illness, healing, and yes, medical practice. For example, music was often used to provide invaluable help to those in need in ancient times and it still proves effective today.

How did King David rise each night at midnight?

"Rabbi Shim'on Hasida said: 'David hung his harp above his bed and when midnight would arrive the north wind would blow upon the harp (vibrating the strings) and causing music to emanate. David would immediately rise and begin studying Torah. He would continue his studies even as the first light of dawn appeared in the sky.'" (Talmud Tractate Berachot 3:b)

We learn from the book of Samuel 16; 14-23 about King Saul's illness and David's musical gift that provided him solace:

"The spirit of G-d departed from Saul, and he was tormented by a spirit of sadness and melancholy from G-d. Saul's servants said to him, 'Behold now! A spirit of melancholy from G-d torments you. Let our lord tell your servants who are before you that they should seek a man who knows how to play the harp, so that when the spirit of melancholy from G-d is upon you, he will play the harp with his hand and all will be well with you."

So Saul said to his servants, "Seek now for me someone who plays well and bring him to me. One of the young servants spoke up and said, "Behold! I have seen a son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who knows how to play the harp, is a mightly man of valor and a man of war, who understands a matter, is a handsome man, and G-d is with him."

Saul sent messengers to Jesse, and said " Send me David your son who is with the sheep....

And it came to pass, that whenever the spirit of melancholy from G-d was upon Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand, and Saul would feel relieved and it would be well with him, and the evil spirit would depart from Saul.'

Micah Harrari of House of Harrai harps in Israel, www.harrariharps.com writes:

"3000 years ago the servants of King Saul knew that the sounds of the harp were able to have a healing affect on people. They didn't have the scientific knowledge of why and how, but they did know that something profound happened to people when the harp was played, and so they found the 'best harpist' in the land to bring to their ailing king to ease his suffering and bring him moments of peace and well being.

3000 years later, in our generation, recent medical research, studies and testing is showing the 'why and the how' of the healing affects of the sound of the harp."

LIVE music is the key. Torah provides the answers. There is a lot of information today about TORAH-BASED healing. To learn more, I recommend visiting: www.jewishealing.com

Jewish Healing & Spirituality MEET UP Group
You are a being of Light, Love and Joy. Chaverim, we have much to learn from each other. The Torah is complete, yet, so often I find myself unable to see what is right there before my eyes as plain as day.

The purpose of this group is to learn about and explore ancient healing sources and traditions found in the Torah and other JEWISH sources.

Think "yeshiva", "chevruta"...

Think "hitbon'nut", "hitbod'dut"...

Think "alef-bet"...

Think David and his harp, Solomon and the wisdom of the ages, the "Baal Shem Tov" and "Reb Nachman"...

Think "refuat ha'guf", "refuat ha'nefesh"...

Think "dveikut" and "SHLEIMUT"!

Together we will explore and discuss verses, passages available to us in the Torah, and writings from the sages; ancient and contemporary. We will learn about the wisdom and healing energy of the Hebrew letters and vowels, and about the healing psalms, the "Tikkun HaKlali", and more. We will site Torah sources and learn how the Torah has guided us with its healing energy throughout the ages. We will study and discuss its influence on us today; for spiritual inspiration and direction, meditation, contemplation, prayer; we will sing and apply music and music medicine enery; and gain guidance about physical comfort and healing.

We will strive to learn about maintaining healthy Torah-based habits to maintain wellness, well-being, inner and outer "shalom" and "shleimut" - wholeness and peace.

Please note that this is not a religious-based group. We will be studying Jewish texts and sources and the focus is on Torah-based JEWISH healing practices, however this group is meant to be open to all those with an interest in this subject matter from all perspectives and faiths.

This group meets in Southern New Hampshire (Nashua, Amherst and Milford). All are invited to join: http://www.meetup.com/Jewish-Healing-Spirituality/