I was reading my friend, Bruce Burger's (Rebbesoul), blog about his visit to a very mystical place in Israel called "Amuka". Reading his story about Amuka triggered my memory of my own personal experience at the site and I included my story on Bruce's site. Bruce's blog is very interesting. I recommend visiting it.

The photo is from Bruce's site. Below is what I wrote about Amuka:

I had a very cool experience at Amuka. The year was 1985 and I was touring with Israel's leading all-woman band, Tofa'ah ( We had a concert booked as part of the Klezmer Festival in Tsfat. We traveled from Jerusalem, performed a great concert for an audience of all-women, as per the Halacha of "Kol Isha" and had a wonderful time in Tsfat. We were about seven women, all single at the time, and all looking for a good "shidduch" (match). We had heard about Amuka and about Rav Yonatan ben Uziel's promise to advocate for finding a soulmate. The women decided that on the way home to Jerusalem we would make a stop at the burial site.

We piled into our rented van together with all our "gear" and asked the driver to take us to Amuka. He knew the site and also the way to get there - down a dirt path, through the trees and to the site that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The site was exactly as you describe it here in your blog, Bruce. There were are few people there praying when we arrived. We all got out of the van and each woman found her own private place to convene with G-D and also with Rav ben Uziel. Each had her own "siddur" and read or recited prayers and blessings too. When done, we piled back into the van and the driver took us home.

Over the course of the next year, one by one, each woman had found a "soulmate" and by the end of the year each woman, including myself, had gotten married! Was it the trip to Amuka?

Thanks for sharing this very cool place, and the stories about it, with us.

Rahel / Vintage Gold Muse