Your Child Needs Music

It's been some time since I performed for kids. I had the opportunity this week to get back into kid-shape. The kids at the Leach Library in Londonderry, NH were treated to a wealth of repertoire from all my kids cd's and curriculum and a great time was had by all. Kids are our future and most precious treasure. I think I need to get back in kid-shape and back to booking more kids concerts! I'm really good at it. : )

I had a strange moment when the librarian mentioned they were doing a regular "Mother Goose on the Loose" program at the library. She had no idea she had just spent an hour with one of the actual founding inspirations for my good friend, Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen's early literacy program, "Mother Goose on the Loose"; an inspired spin-off of Barbara Cass-Beggs' "Listen Like Learn" and "Your Baby Needs Music" programs for babies and young children! How odd to be suddenly anonymous after spending so much of my life creating just these programs all over Israel in the mid-1980's. How wonderful that it's caught on so well and so many children are now still benefitting from Barbara's genius!

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