Yona's Miracles

I realize that, especially at this time of year, we are inundated with last minute requests to give money to a worthy cause. Yona is a good friend of mine, founder of the all-woman band, "Tofa'ah", of which I was, and still am a member. Her generosity is never-ending. Her desire to do good in this world is priceless. She never stops giving, in spite of a lifelong chronic illness. Yona has two beautiful young children, Yissy & Eli, her "miracles", who were born with multiple physical ailments. They require care 24/7 and this has become costly. I would like to send out this plea to give just one more time. Please read their story and find it in yourselves to give just one more time. http://www.gofundme.com/Help-Yona-Yissy-and-Eli THEIR STORY: One disabled mom, two severely disabled, chronically ill children who need round-the-clock care 24/7 - and no money for nursing care or medications, let alone rent. Please help! Knowing Yona and her children, you are surely aware of how inspiring and special they are, and of how they touch all who meet them with their tremendous – and joyful – courage and faith. What you may not be aware of, however, is the crushing physical, emotional and financial burden that afflicts them. Yona is a disabled, divorced mother. Because of her own illness and because both of the children need constant, 24-hour medical care, she has been unable to continue working as a teacher and music therapist. Yona has suffered from disabling rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 19. Her oldest son, Yissy has Stickler’s syndrome and was born with a host of life-threatening health problems. He is in a wheelchair, has limited use of his hands, is legally blind and cannot speak. Nevertheless, he is a bright, engaging fourteen year old, who understands three languages. His brother, Eliyahu has Down syndrome and severe, chronic breathing and swallowing problems. Both boys need oxygen and constant nursing care. The children’s medical care necessary to keep them alive costs $5000 a month more than what is covered by insurance and National Health Insurance (Bituach Leumi). Neighbors bring a hot meal several times a week, but there is no money for nursing care, life-saving medications, heating – or even milk. Thank G-d, Yona and her children are blessed with an extended network of family relatives and friends who care about them deeply. Let us show that care and appreciation in a concrete way. If we all come to their aid, together we can make a real difference! Regular contributions would substantially alleviate the family’s desperate situation as well as fulfill our own obligation to help to our friends and close ones in their time of need. Yona and her children have touched so many of our lives and helped so many of us. Please do the utmost you can to save these children and their mother! http://www.gofundme.com/Help-Yona-Yissy-and-Eli