Introducing New Compositions!

It's been some time since I've blogged. There are many changes in my life, all of them positive. One of the positive changes is that I've been working with Sue Hurwitz, a flutist par excellence. We have been bringing to life some of my rather old compositions from the early and mid-1980's. They've been waiting a long time to come alive. This is because they are mostly instrumental and clearly have been waiting for the right person to help them evolve. Sue and I have had a few concerts this past month and have featured this new music. The clips are "live", unedited and rather raw but you get the idea! We hope to have a few professional clips soon. I hope you will enjoy the music! This song is called "A.C.J. Brazil" because it is inspired by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This next song is actually two songs played consecutively one after the other: "French Love Song" was originally a music class assignment. "Mediterranean Breeze" gave us the feeling of being there.