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Shalom! When it comes to hats I have lots of them. In fact, it used to be said about me that I have a "hat face". The truth is that I really do wear a lot of hats; Singer-Songwriter /Jewish-Americana-Israeli, Certified Clinical Musician / Healthcare & Healing Artist, Educator, Mother, Friend, Cantorial Soloist... hmmmm.... they call me "the spiritual one"... passionate and compassionate, world traveler, straight-shooter... In a nutshell.... I'm a person.


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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Due to a scheduling glitch I had the great pleasure of performing together with two members of the group, Cow Hampshire Folk at the Milford Farmer's Market. We had so much fun we're hoping for another scheduling glitch sometime soon! Thanks for the pics Warren! Cow Hampshire Folk is about old-time, new-time, and good-time acoustic folk music for young and old alike. The group plays a broad range of broad-appeal folk music ranging from New England contra dance tunes to contemporary folk and rock songs. Its members are Matt Vincent of Bedford, N.H.; Dan Rodd of Amherst, N.H.; John Keller of Milford, N.H.; and Stephen Hardy of Merrimack, N.H.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Music Closet

I was invited by Jeff Dearman to perform in Winchester, MA for his program called "The Music Closet". This is my February 2011 performance as VINTAGE GOLD MUSE.

Hebrew is FUN!

I am very often caught singing in Hebrew at public events. Enjoy this clip from a local festival in New Hampshire. You'll see how easy and fun it is to learn Hebrew!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Claremont, NH

Thank you Melissa and the town of Claremont, NH for inviting me to sing at the Farmer's Market. The two-hour drive was relaxing. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape as I got closer to Claremont. I want to thank Bill Binder of eTicker News, a local photographer who snapped these photos and allowed me to share them with you!


Thank G-D for my job. If I were not working at the assisted living facility I would probably spend my days and nights in cyberspace never to see the light of day again! Today we visited the Hi-Berry Blueberry Farm in Wilton. Okay, I admit that I just snapped the photos (I'm not a blueberry lover), but I enjoyed the trip anyway. Like I said, it gets me out of cyberspace~! Enjoy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Seacoast Interview

Ahhhhh, music dear music. If it weren't for music I would probably spend my life in front of a computer or tv screen living in cyberspace! Today I was interviewed on a local radio show called LOCAL FOLK. I believe it was a very good interview and much of the credit goes to the host, Stephen Carrigan, himself a talented musician. As an added bonus, this interview took place in Portsmouth, NH and so I took my time traveling back home again, stopping to watch the sunset over the water and then treating myself to an ice-cream by the sea! Enjoy~

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kampala Children

Today I had the privelage of watching a show by the Kampala Children. Please visit their website to learn about these amazing children and to help their cause. Here are some links to video clips: 1. Opener 2. Shaking 3. The audience gives it a try! Below are some photos.

Rescuing Wild Mustangs

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting Stephanie Kokal, founder of the Horse Tenders Mustang Foundation. Stephanie showed us some of her rescued Mustangs and explained about the mission of her organization and all about caring for Mustangs. I fell in love with "Sheila". Please take the time to visit the website. If you can get over to visit, do so, and even better, if you are able to adopt a Mustang, please contact Stephanie to learn how. What a wonderful day this was!