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Shalom! When it comes to hats I have lots of them. In fact, it used to be said about me that I have a "hat face". The truth is that I really do wear a lot of hats; Singer-Songwriter /Jewish-Americana-Israeli, Certified Clinical Musician / Healthcare & Healing Artist, Educator, Mother, Friend, Cantorial Soloist... hmmmm.... they call me "the spiritual one"... passionate and compassionate, world traveler, straight-shooter... In a nutshell.... I'm a person.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hmmmm? Golfing? It's not something I ever had an interest in doing. Never understood the attraction of standing outside in the heat to knock around little balls with a club. Yet, here I am actually enjoying myself!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Singing in Yiddish!

I've recently started to add some Jewish soul music to my repertoire. Please enjoy the wonderfully rich songs below sung in Yiddish. These performances were filmed at the PeopleFest in Manchester, NH by Sadi Khan who usually runs the NH Jam Factory. Click on the name of the song to view the video: Tumbalalaika; Chiri Biri Bim; Ale Brider Click on the title to view the LYRICS: Tumbalalaika; Chiri Biri Bim; Ale Brider

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The PeopleFest is an annual happening in Manchester, NH that focuses on the multicultural aspects, or diversity, in Manchester. I was honored to be asked back again this year to perform songs of my Jewish culture and heritage.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jamming at Amherst Farmer's Market

Ahhh, it's so nice to have the opportunity to play music with other musicians. Today John and Dan of "Cow Hampshire Folk" joined me at the Amherst Farmer's Market. John plays a variety of stringed instruments: fiddle, tenor banjo, mandolins, and he also plays a mean tin whistle. Dan joined in on cello. Have you ever heard fiddle tunes played on cello?! It was my first. We all had a great time. I hope the farmers and the shoppers did too! We also met John Shonle and his wife. John is running for office to represent District 22 in the NH House of Representatives. Good luck John!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Logging in New Hampshire

WOW! I learned all about loggers and logging after doing a gig in Berlin, NH. Here are some photos from the Northern Forest Heritage Park campsite. Read and learn!

Northern Forest Heritage Park

This is a wonderful park in Berlin, NH. Enjoy the photos below.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gig in the North Country

If I weren't gigging I would never go anywhere. Thank goodness I'm a touring musician! I was honored to be invited by the Arts Alliance of Northern NH to share my love of my country, Israel at a wonderful camp at the Northern Forest Heritage Park in Berlin (pronounced BER-lin) in New Hampshire. Learn more about the park here. The park honors the logging industry of the area. I expected to present more of a musical performance. Instead I talked a lot about what it's like to live in Israel. I showed lots of personal photos, some video clips of Israeli children's shows such as Rehov Sumsum, and brought in many beautiful Jewish ritual items for the kids to see, touch and wear. The kids, aged from 4-10 yrs., and the staff were all very enthusiastic. By the end of the almost 2-hour presentation they all were ready to hop on a plane and go to Israel! Hurray! The kids were particularly interested in the Dead Sea (Yam HaMelach or Salt Sea), probably because of a fascination kids in general seem to have with all things dead (ha ha ha). They also liked the indoor playgrounds of Sderot, something that most kids are fortunate NOT to have in most countries! A staff member was surprised to learn there actually is snow in Israel, at Mount Hermon, and that he could go skiing in Israel! Each child got a JNF blue box and plant-a-tree-in-Israel envelope at the end of the presentation. It thrills me to no end when I am able to show people the real Israel instead of the mythical worn-torn monstrous occupying state that is portrayed worldwide. As for me, I got to sit in the huge chair, enjoy the beautiful thank-you cards I received from the children (photos below!), and a chance to get to see and learn a little about the Northern part of New Hampshire, and all about logging! It was a pleasure for all of us all around! Enjoy the photos of the kids and the campsite.

The North Country

I traveled north to today's gig. The drive took me a good three hours there and three hours back but it was well worth it. I traveled by way of routes 93N, 115E, 2E and 16N to get to the town of Berlin (pronounced BER-lin). Berlin is located in the midst of the White Mountains where the famed "Old Man of the Mountains" once watched over us until he suddenly vanished! Enjoy the photos of the area including a NH State Historical Marker at an outlook point overlooking the breathtaking scenes and mountains.