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Shalom! When it comes to hats I have lots of them. In fact, it used to be said about me that I have a "hat face". The truth is that I really do wear a lot of hats; Singer-Songwriter /Jewish-Americana-Israeli, Certified Clinical Musician / Healthcare & Healing Artist, Educator, Mother, Friend, Cantorial Soloist... hmmmm.... they call me "the spiritual one"... passionate and compassionate, world traveler, straight-shooter... In a nutshell.... I'm a person.


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Isabella Rock Star Bella

Why do I love performing so much? Because it comes with great perks. Click on the names below to see some great perks I've been treated to this past month.

Lia - almost 4 yrs. old

Isabella Rock Star Bella

Baseball Birthday

It's Jewish Pride night at the Fisher Cats baseball game. Every year it seems that it falls either on or around my birthday. Sooooooooooooo, what could be better than celebrating my birthday at the ball game on Jewish Pride night? I'm not sure how many years I've been doing this - maybe 3 or 4, but I thoroughly enjoy the event. I also want to thank all my friends and family who turn up to celebrate with me. It's a good time for all!

Monday, July 18, 2011

G-D's Humor

Barukh HaShem. G-D grants you all your wishes and prayers... just not always in the way you might imagine. For years I've dreamed of traveling in a camper, seeing great things and gigging. This summer it seems G-D is listening.... G-D set me up with a job that has me driving a "camper" (literally a 9 passenger mini-bus) and taking the elderly on scenic rides and trips. Additionally G-D has set me up with some very good gigs at Farmer's Markets around NH. I get paid in food and products. Okay, so it's not exactly as I had imagined, but I AM driving around in a small "camper" seeing sites, and gigging! LOL - yes, G-D, you ARE hilarious. Thanks though!

Fairy Tale Festival

Thanks to Frank, fiddler, I took the ladies on a trip to the fair - the Fairy Tale festival. Frank was kind enough to climb into the bus with his bodran player and play some wonderful fiddle tunes. After he finished I gathered other costumed participants to join the ladies in the bus; Tinkerbell, an Indian chief, a few pirates, some lovely princesses and more... A good time was had by all, thanks to Frank!

I'm Having a GREAT Summer!

It's been a long time since I can say that I'm having a GREAT summer. I'm usually working all the time. In fact, I AM working all the time, but it doesn't feel like work. My job at the Assisted Living facility is finding me in all sorts of fun places.

Today we stopped by the Alpaca Farm. I had no idea that's what it was though. All I knew was that we pass by a farm regularly in our travels and it looks like there are Llamas. Today I had to find out. I stopped the bus and we all tried to determine what was standing behind the fence. As we were trying to figure it out, the owner appeared at the door of the bus. After we explained why we were there, he invited us to drive and park by the the pen to see his Alpacas. What a thrill! Not only that, he brought a pitcher of lemonade for the ladies to drink - after all, it was 94 degrees outside! The little Alpaca was just born two days ago.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Your Child Needs Music

It's been some time since I performed for kids. I had the opportunity this week to get back into kid-shape. The kids at the Leach Library in Londonderry, NH were treated to a wealth of repertoire from all my kids cd's and curriculum and a great time was had by all. Kids are our future and most precious treasure. I think I need to get back in kid-shape and back to booking more kids concerts! I'm really good at it. : )

I had a strange moment when the librarian mentioned they were doing a regular "Mother Goose on the Loose" program at the library. She had no idea she had just spent an hour with one of the actual founding inspirations for my good friend, Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen's early literacy program, "Mother Goose on the Loose"; an inspired spin-off of Barbara Cass-Beggs' "Listen Like Learn" and "Your Baby Needs Music" programs for babies and young children! How odd to be suddenly anonymous after spending so much of my life creating just these programs all over Israel in the mid-1980's. How wonderful that it's caught on so well and so many children are now still benefitting from Barbara's genius!

For more great stuff for kids:

Your Child Needs Music

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Today was my first day back in the Hospice as a Music Practitioner. It was wonderful to be able to serve others who can benefit from therapeutic music. What is therapeutic music? It's the same as all music, however the goal of playing is to be in "service" as opposed to "entertainment". It happens in some instances that time spent 1:1 is actually very entertaining and that's a wonderful thing when it happens that way too. Today G-D provided both me with an abundance of entertaining sessions and we all had a good opportunity to be uplifted with upbeat music. It was the perfect welcome back to being musically "in service". There were tears to help feel and express any pain, and then there was laughter when sharing memories. It was as it needed to be. AWESOME! Thank you G-D. : )

To learn more about Hospice

Visit my websites:

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sue Whittaker; Artist

What do you get when you play at the Bedford Farmer's Market? Some great organic and homemade food of course. A good time. New friends! Please meet artist, Suzanne Whittaker. We met at the Farmer's Market and then I played music at her opening. This is another reason why I love Farmer's Markets!

Frank and Graci's Wedding

Frank and Graci got married. And oh, what an occasion it was! Mazel Tov! Frank and Graci did it right. They gathered under the big tree in the public park, invited loving family and friends, jamming musicians, the general public and had a wonderful day. Thank you Frank and Graci! May you be blessed.

Touring in my Camper

G-D always answers our prayers; however the answer doesn't always come exactly as we imagined it. It seems like I have wanted to have my own camper and take to the roads on tour, musical and just to do it, forever. This was to be the year I would finally actualize that dream. Sadly, the failing economy came around to again postpone that particular dream. Or so I thought. It seems that G-D is indeed listening.

I have a new job; since April I have been working as a driver at an Assisted Living facility. The job description: I am driving an actual mini-bus or van or actually, a 9-seater mini-camper (a Ford E-350 Starcraft). Well, in truth, I am driving an elderly population, taking them on errands and on weekly "scenic rides" around NH. YES! I am actually "on-the-road" traveling down dirt roads, poorly paved back road, and in and out of towns and cities all around NH.

I suppose this is as good as it will get in today's economy and I really must thank G-D for again answering my prayers. Perhaps I will try to be a bit more specific in the future when I make my requests! LOL

We are having a blast! Baruch HaShem!