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Shalom! When it comes to hats I have lots of them. In fact, it used to be said about me that I have a "hat face". The truth is that I really do wear a lot of hats; Singer-Songwriter /Jewish-Americana-Israeli, Certified Clinical Musician / Healthcare & Healing Artist, Educator, Mother, Friend, Cantorial Soloist... hmmmm.... they call me "the spiritual one"... passionate and compassionate, world traveler, straight-shooter... In a nutshell.... I'm a person.


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Rami Kleinstein

Last night I attended a concert by Israeli singer-songwriter-pianist, Rami Kleinstein. Rami is one of my favorite Israeli singers whom I have followed for many years. It was extremely inspiring to actually be at a live concert. Rami sang and played passionately and I found myself teary-eyed throughout the night; tears of joy from being part of the audience, tears from the lyrics, tears of great yearning to be once again with my people, Israel. At the end of the concert I had a brief opportunity to meet Rami in person. Here are some links: 1. Main Website 2. My favorite song: Bayom shel HaPzatzah (Day of the Bomb) 3. Lyrics to above song